Moulin celebrated holidays

Off the beaten tourist track - Undiscovered yet easy to access - Hidden in a leafy valley

Le Moulin du Chemin is - LESS 'TOURISTY’ - unspoiled rolling countryside with miles of idyllic, little-used byways - MORE AMICABLE - remarkable hospitality and a marvellous ambiance - LESS POLLUTED - lacking significant air, water, noise, light and commercial pollution. A veritable Rural paradise in France.

Why le Moulin ?


"This has been our best holiday ever. Format is terrific and homeowners are superb hosts." - James & Jeanette, Australia



"A fantastic week and great group. Well done for the superb organisation, weather, food, wine and everything else." - Les & Annabelle, UK

27th Anniversary

Highly successful holidays have been continuously hosted under the same proprietorship at le Moulin du Chemin since 1994.

Celebrated Hospitality

The holidays are celebrated for wonderful hospitality, humour and warmth. Generous hospitality is the norm at le Moulin du Chemin.


The countryside is full of intriguing scenic surprises. Within a short drive are many interesting places of natural, historic and cultural interest.